I created this Wiki page as part of my final project for CI 521: Reading and Writing in the Content Area. In the fall of 2010 I took a class through the ReadOregon program where the teacher had us collect websites on the five components of reading. This was to serve as a tool for us as future Reading Specialist. I find that site to be useful and wanted to create something similar from the textbook we used in this class. I tried to find as many resources for the strategies in our book but because of how extensive the book was, it was not always possible.

Natalie Labossiere

Additional Resources for Reading & Writing in the Content Area

Glossary of Reading Strategies by Content Area - http://www.jackson.k12.ky.us/readingstrategies/more/socialstudies/glossary.htm#vocabularypredictionactivity

Strategies for Reading Comprehension (Social Studies) - http://www.readingquest.org/strat/