Clock Buddies - Clock Buddies is meant to be a quick and easy way to create pairs for partnered activities while avoiding the problem of kids always having the SAME partners. It begins with a clock face, with slots for names extending from each hour on the dial. The basic idea is that each student has his or her own copy of a Clock Buddies sheet, with the names of 12 classmates on each hour's slot. Each of those other students, in turn, has this student's name in the matching hour slot on each of their clock sheets.

When the teacher needs to quickly pair up students without it always being the same partners every time, she can say to the class: "Get with your 4 o'clock buddy." Each student will pull out his or her clock buddies sheet, look at the 4 o'clock slot, and then join the partner indicated. This works because when the strategy is set up, it is done so that partners always have each other's names on their matching hour on the clock buddy chart.

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Tea Party - Directions:
1. Give students one 3x5 card with a statement from a narrative or expository selection. Students move about the room introducing themselves and reading their statements. Both partners share their pieces. The goal is to hear as many different statements as possible.
2. Students assemble into small groups and write a gist statement (one sentence only) using all the information that was heard.
3. Students write the gist statement on butcher paper and draw a picture to represent the topic. Hang these up. All groups share their gist statements. Talk about the statements they heard several times. Discuss what they heard that created the image they saw.
4. Read the text and compare with their thinking. What in the text confirms their thoughts? What in the text contradicts their thoughts?

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