Predicting Vocabulary - Predicting helps students focus on what they are going to read and encourages them to be more active readers as they compare the actual text with their predictions.

  • Vocabulary Prediction/Confirmation Activity - This strategy will aid students in vocabulary development. It can be used in all the content areas and promotes self-directed learning.
    1. The students are given a worksheet with three headings on it—vocabulary, prediction, and definition.
    2. The students copy from the board the vocabulary words under the heading vocabulary.
    3. Under the prediction heading, the students write their predictions of each vocabulary word’s meaning.
    4. The students read the text from which the vocabulary words were derived.
    5. Using contextual clues, the students write what they think the definitions are under the definitions heading. These may be the same as their predictions.
    6. The students check their definitions with a dictionary for accuracy, and make any corrections necessary under the definition heading.
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